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AyaCon [23 Aug 2011|08:45pm]
No stolen AyaCon photos yet, I’ll add those later. In the meantime, have a wall of text...Collapse )

...and an update on today's employment-related events

I mostly unpacked yesterday and even got some washing done, then I had today off work as well so finished all that up. As well as having the day off to catch up on sleep, I’d also booked it off work since there was a chance I’d have a job interview. I actually found out for certain on Friday afternoon from a voicemail left on my phone, but got the message too late to confirm my attendance so had to wait until Monday. Apparently they also emailed me about the interview on Friday and sent a letter which arrived on Saturday. Putting aside the fact I was away for the weekend, it’s still pretty short notice for an interview. There’s a good chance many candidates, like me, wouldn’t have got the phonecall or email before close of play on Friday so wouldn’t have been able to contact them until Monday to say we’d be able to attend, which seems like poor planning and must have been really frustrating for the staff trying to organise the interviews if they don’t know if the candidates are going to be turning up until the day before!

Anyway, I had the interview this afternoon. It’s a position administering examinations, same as my current salary and also only fixed term (with potential to go permanent, although see how well that worked for me last time…) but what the hell, I’m not saying no to job interviews. It went well and I’m actually quite enthusiastic about the job. I had to do an aptitude test putting together an exam timetable, which entertained me since it’s infinitely easier than allocating part-time sheriffs which I spent all of last Monday doing. Not finding out about the interview sooner and Aya happening meant I basically had Monday night and this morning to vaguely prepare in a sleep-deprived way, but at least having read their website last-minute was a big help.

They’ve said I’ll be informed of the outcome tomorrow. Thing is, I’ve got another interview tomorrow (which I’ll be depleting my flexi to go to during my lunch break) for a permanent position with a higher salary at a charity. On the face of it, I should be crossing my fingers for this one due to it being a permanent management position with more money, but I can’t refuse the other position right away if I’m offered it.

Basically, it‘s going to be awkward if I’m offered the first job and want to hold on to find out if the charity are going to offer me that job! Could be I’ll hate the charity job once I find out more at the interview, could be I won’t get the exam job, but why do two interviews suddenly have to come along at once? Anyway, time for more last-minute interview preparation...
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AmeCon! [21 Aug 2010|01:24pm]
AmeCon was awesome, I loved spending time with all of you again, even though it feels like it was hardly any time at all. I basically went to no events, partially due to cosplay judging taking up time, but also because I prefer to prioritise just socialising. I liked the pretty location, even if it was a bit spread out and a maze. The coffee and cocktail bar was excellent place to adopt :P I liked having minimal costumes, two of them being super-simple and comfy, and all of them with reasonably practical shoes. The costumes at the con were absolutely amazing - I think the standard just gets higher and higher - it definitely made judging a difficult job indeed.

With one convention over, it’s time to think about the next one. For October Expo, Eli and I have booked the Novotel for Friday and Saturday night. We need 2 others to share with though - between 4 people it’ll be £72.50 each. Any takers? I'm also going to Auchinawa, of course, and the Grand Cosplay Ball. Eli and I are hoping to spend some time in London for a few days before the ball as well.

Anyway, AmeCon:

Friday, and far too many Alice photos, sorryCollapse )
SaturdayCollapse )
Sunday & MondayCollapse )
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[12 Aug 2010|07:07pm]
I’ve decided not to take my Alice Elliot costume to Ame - mostly due to the volume of petticoats in my suitcase making squeezing it in trickier, but also because I’ll have less time to fit in wearing it at the con with rescheduling costumes around the pretty gardens availability for photoness. I was originally only going to wear Alice Kingsleigh for the cosplay ball, and a bit of time before it on Sunday, but given that I can only get into the gardens tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to wear it then as well instead of Alice Elliot (talking about two different Alices is confuzzling). So just three costumes this con, and two of them (Lilie/Ahiru and Adrian Andrews) are nice and simple and comfy! I've got 3 petticoats squished into my case, plus the netting sewn into my Alice skirt, so there's a lot of fluff.

All is well with packing, and I’m just bouncing now around ready to go tomorrow morning! I’ll be arriving around one, all going well.

Really looking forward to seeing everyone!
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AyaCon [21 Aug 2009|06:26pm]
The best con quite possibly ever. Loved the company, venue, accommodation, events...even the weather was good. So time to report on the fun that was had, mostly using the magical Nert’s photos!

FridayCollapse )
SaturdayCollapse )
SundayCollapse )
MondayCollapse )
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LA Trip Part 2 - Anime Expo [23 Jul 2009|09:20pm]
AX stuffs, now I have my costume pics organised courtesy of Fish! And that’s the end of the LA reports.

Thursday 2nd July - Anime ExpoCollapse )

Friday 3rd July - Anime ExpoCollapse )

Saturday 4th July - Anime ExpoCollapse )

- California is wonderful, and has lovely weather, but it’s not as warm as expected all the time. I should have brought more variety of long-sleeved tops and trousers for the evenings.
- Americans are super-friendly, as ever. Made it easier to ask stupid tourist questions, like “how much is a dime worth” (honestly, it doesn’t tell you on the coin), and all the cosplayers, photographers and other people we met were all so nice.
- The money wasn’t easy to get used to. Not just mysterious dimes, but far too many notes, and the crazy adding-on-tax-at-the-till is annoying
- The roads are huge and scary sometimes. Very glad Fish figured it out for us and explained how the in hell you cross them! It’s a bit much to turn up in Anaheim and suddenly have to cross the equivalent of a motorway, and you don’t necessarily get much time to walk across.
- It really is a different language. Not to the point of being a problem, but never ceases to interest me. (basil :P)
- AX is big, but much like Japan Expo in Paris, just more in the style of one of our cons, so it wasn’t as dramatically different as it could have been.
- I’m not sure I feel the need to go back to LA in particular, since there’s nothing more I really want to see and do there, but I wouldn’t mind visiting elsewhere in California. I’d certainly love to go back to AX or see other US cons, and I’d definitely go back to Disney (of course).
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LA Trip Part 3 - Tourism [13 Jul 2009|02:01pm]
My swine flu cold is finally going away. At least my voice is finally back to normal!

Seeing as I don’t have costume photos yet, I’ll write about the rest of my LA trip first.

All my photos are up here btw. Weirdly out of order since I wasn’t paying attention when uploading them.

Saturday 4th July - HollywoodCollapse )

Sunday 5th July - Venice BeachCollapse )

Monday 6th July - Downtown LACollapse )

Tuesday 7th July - Michael Jackson Memorial + Going HomeCollapse )
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LA Trip Part 1 - Disneyland [10 Jul 2009|08:10pm]
Back alive and well from LA. At least mostly well, aside from a nasty cold - I’m only just getting my voice back now. Also hit with jet lag today, or might just be that I can't sleep well with this cold, so I've had plenty time whilst feeling rubbish to sort out my photos and videos. Still waiting to steal costume pics and other photos from others, mainly Fish.

Disneyland, AX, and touristy stuff were all great. Even survived the Michael Jackson memorial chaos, which our hotel was right in the middle of. For now, the first 3 days of my trip, at Diiiiiiiisney!


Warning: too many photos under the cut.

Monday 29th June - Travel + Downtown DisneyCollapse )

Tuesday 30th June- Disneyland & Disney"s California AdventureCollapse )

Wednesday 1st July - Disneyland & Disney"s California AdventureCollapse )
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MinamiCon 2009 [31 Mar 2009|04:59pm]
Got back safely from Minami yesterday. Here’s the written report, with photos to follow once I steal them from everyone else :P You’ll notice I only managed to take photos of things unrelated to the convention on Thursday and Sunday night. I rely on others to fill in the gaps of costume photos for the other days!

ThursdayCollapse )
FridayCollapse )
SaturdayCollapse )
SundayCollapse )
MondayCollapse )

Conclusions are not surprising - excellent con, great to see everyone again, only wish there was more time to spend with everyone.

In other news…

I’m going to stay with my parents in Edinburgh for a bit (I'll be back on the 7th at the latest). Annoying having to lug all my revision stuff with me, but I’m overdue a visit, and looking forward to it. Once I’m back, it’s just revision, then exams, so don’t expect to see much of me. My exams finish on the 14th May, and I move out on the 21st, so I’ll have my chance to have fun in Glasgow then before I leave.
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The Long-Lost Auchi Photos! [17 Mar 2009|11:18pm]
Because I never did do an Auchi photo post, and after much pestering of the Redkun, we has photos! I’ve updated Yaldyland, but here’s some favourites. Not all are Andrew’s, but most are

Soul EaterCollapse )
OuranCollapse )
Trinity BloodCollapse )
Scottish LolitasCollapse )

The pics are all here. I can let you know which ones you're in to save you downloading all of them.
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Grand Cosplay Ball [02 Dec 2008|06:24pm]
Cosplay Ball weekendCollapse )
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[19 Nov 2008|10:20pm]
nickel_dust gave me our team’s pub quiz answer sheets from Auchi, so here are the scans!

What do you mean none of the answers are Naruto?Collapse )

My favourite is our comedy series round.
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Auchinawa [17 Nov 2008|08:36pm]
The photoless con report

AuchinawaCollapse )

Overall, an amazing weekend! I love small cons for getting more time with people, although it was strange again to be at a con without so many of the usual English lot. Usually I'd be prioritising my time at a con with the friends I don't see often, but this time, I could spend the con with my local friends who I do get to see usually. Made for a slightly different experience of the Minami-esque con.
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London Expo [13 Nov 2008|04:32pm]
It’s the day before Auchinawa, and I’m posting London Expo pics. Ah well, best to get them out of the way, so here’s my overdue con report!

Loooooondon ExpoCollapse )

I’m sooooo looking forward to Auchi this weekend! See some of you there, I'll be going sometime after 2 tomorrow.
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I MET THE MIGHTY BOOSH [13 Sep 2008|05:55pm]
I’ve been quiet on lj all week, and this is why. Cuts for seriously long post and photos.

I originally had planned to make Eli a Zooniverse jacket (and a matching one for me too, of course) as a surprise present for her birthday, which was particularly appropriate since she was going to see the Boosh live show then. However, it turned out that there was to be a signing at Zavvi in Glasgow TODAY, so I got the bug to make the jackets with about a week’s notice. I still tried to keep it a secret from Eli, and although she was with me when I bought the pattern and fabric, miraculously she didn’t twig what I was up to!

The first part of this post is all my sewing ramblings, so skip to the second cut for the actual signing business

SewingnessCollapse )
SigningCollapse )
Completed JacketsCollapse )
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AmeCon [16 Aug 2008|06:50pm]
Since I'm now armed with a reasonable amount of photos, it's con report time!

AmeConCollapse )

As ever, much fun spending time with everyone, which is the most important part of cons. As for the con itself, I did enjoy myself at Ame this year, but I think it has started to get a little stale, being in the same venue, the same events every time. I’ll be looking forward to Aya for a change!
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Paaaaris [09 Jul 2008|01:24pm]
I got back from Paris yesterday afternoon, and surprisingly wasn’t as tired as I thought, so photos are sorted and stuff has been written up. Not as if I had anything else to do, so here we go, with the world’s fastest con/holiday report. I'm sure i'll get more interesting photos off everyone else eventually, but all mine are here for now

It’s time to remember the maaaaagicCollapse )

For those of you who need to remember the magic, you can get a version of the song when it was part of an old Disney World parade song:
Go from 1.15
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London Expo Photos [12 Jun 2008|06:51pm]
I’ve got a new fridge! Was a relief to make a proper trip to the supermarket, and no more experimenting with how long milk lasts without refrigeration… (If I used tags on this journal, I think I'd need a fridge one, considering the amount of posts I manage to make about them)

Also ended the lease on my old flat in halls, and retrieved the last few things from the freezer there, since I’ve actually got somewhere to store them now. While at uni, I got a few dissertation-y things form the library in an attempt to be constructive. What a thrilling day.

So something a bit more interesting. Time for some overdue London Expo photos, methinks. New shiny secret costume from Saturday, and Pearl from Sunday:

This, my friend, represents a major breakthrough on the sewing machineCollapse )

Fey DayCollapse )
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Aasoc MiniCon [19 Mar 2008|09:33pm]
Just a couple of pics of the new costumes ashechan and I wore at the MiniCon on Saturday - the rest are all on Andrew's journal here

Surprise Costumes!Collapse )

I've been doing very little over the past few days, when I should have been starting revision. I'm going to blame Eli for lending me her Mighty Boosh dvds. I'm also on the 4th case of Apollo Justice, been reading a lot, and watching a few films. Today I ventured out to Ikea, and tomorrow I'm getting photos sorted so I can renew my passport, which is starting to get important with a few holidays coming up.
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MinamiCon [09 Mar 2008|07:13pm]
In procrastination over essayness and other work, have a lateish Minami report, which is basically lots of photomagraphs!

MinamiConCollapse )
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AmeCon [14 Aug 2007|08:51pm]
AmeCon reportCollapse )
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